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CTI provides Research & Development, Engineering, and Global IT Service & Support to its customers. The list below is a brief outline of the services offered.

  • BioMedical Research/Engineering
    • CTI has staff members that have performed BioMedical Research & Engineering. Our current services include Cellular and ProNuclear MicroInjection, RNA Imaging via Cryo-EM and NMR analysis, NanoMedicine, and BioInformatic and BigData Analysis.
      We also perform NanoParticle Research in support Cancer and Drug delivery efforts. As a result, we have highly skilled staff members that can perform NanoParticle Synthesis (Gold Nanoparticles, Quantum Dots), NanoParticle Characterization and Analysis, and NanoParticle Application services in support of customer Research and Development efforts.

  • Cloud Computing
    • CTI provides IT Infrastructure support and Cloud computing services, with strategies to help plan critical data migrations, and design cloud solutions that provide proper scaling and performance. We provide services to plan the migration of applications and infrastructure swiftly and safely, and partner with Cloud providers such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. We also provide support for other virtualization products such as VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V and RedHat Virtualization. We have extensive experience in lab setup and management to include bare metal and virtualized servers, storage systems, and network devices.

  • Cyber Security/Analysis/Operations
    • CTI has over two decades of collective Cyber Security experience in support of commercial and USG customers. Our staff members have been providing Cyber Security Analysis, Development, and Operations to protect our customer assets. These efforts include the use of leading-edge COTS tools in addition to the development of customer proprietary Cyber tools. Our staff members consist of Software Engineer, System Engineer, ISSE, ISSM, ISSO, Cyber Analysis and Malicous Code Experts that have proven Offensive Cyber Operation (OCO) and Defensive Cyber Operation (DCO) experience. Consequently, CTI's staff members can provide this world-class expertise to defend and protect our customer's Cyber Assets.

  • Software Engineering Services
    • CTI's Software Engineering Services cover the gamut, from services development to data management, and quality engineering using the most current tools and technologies. Our service suite is comprised of Custom Software Engineering, Application Modernization, Agile Transformation, Intelligent Automation, Data Management, and Enterprise Architecture service sets. Since we have almost 25 years of Software Engineering experience, we possess the organization knowledge of legacy Desktop, Server, Mobile, and Embedded Operating Systems along with an extensive list of Development Languages & Tools. This knowledge base provides our customers with a low risk option when maintaining and modernizing their software infrastructure.

  • Software Reverse Engineering (SRE)
    • CTI has over 2 decades of performing Software Reverse Engineering (SRE) for its customers using the leading industry tools such as Ghidra, IDA Pro, GDB, Soft ICE, Plexide, and Various Target Machine Disassemblers. Our staff consists of Electrical Engineers and Computer Scientists that are familiar with many processor family types with experience in both Desktop/Server Systems and Embedded Systems Design and Development. CTI has also been performing Software Reverse Engineering (SRE) Research for the past 15 years which has resulted in the development of proprietary Automated Software Reverse Engineering products. CTI also has experience performing Hardware Reverse Engineering and has staff with extensive hands on experience using Sandra Pro, Logic Analyzers, OscilloScopes, Spectrum Analyzers, and Test Equipment.

  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
    • CTI has extensive implementation experience with Cloud/HPC Cluster Management systems and products. We have working vendor relationships with Altair Engineering - PBS Professional, Bright Computing - Bright Cluster Manager , IBM Platform Computing - IBM Platform Cluster Manager Penguin Computing - Scyld ClusterWare, Red Hat - Red Hat HPC Solution, StackIQ - ROCKS+, and SUSE - SUSE Linux Enterprise products. We also staff with experience in the deployment of: Grid Engine-Open Grid Scheduler Univa Grid Engine; LSF - LSF (Load Sharing Facility); Adaptive Computing - Moab Workload Manager, TORQUE; Altair - PBS Professional (Portable Batch System Professional); and SLURM - SLURM (Simple Linux Utility For Resource Management).

  • MicroElectronics Design/Development
    • CTI has over a decade of experience performing MicroElectronics Design/Development in support of customer Design and Engineering projects. Our staff members consist of Electrical Engineering professionals with both custom ASIC and FPGA Design Flow experience. Our staff has experience with many types of Xilinx and Altera/Intel FPGA device families.

  • Software Defined Radio (SDR)
    • CTI has over two decades of Digital Signal Processing experience using both hardware and software based solutions in support of customer efforts. We have recently concentrated our solution focus on industry leading Software Defined Radio (SDR) technologies such as GNU Radio and Redhawk. We have staff members that are well versed in these technologies to perform rapid implementation of Communication solutions.