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Product Offerings

CTI has been performing Internal Research and Development (IRAD) for the past 15 years. Some of these efforts have resulted in the development of products used internally and offered for sale to external customers. The current product offerings are as follows:

  • Mobile Applications
    • CTI has been performing wireless handheld development since 1999 when it developed its first products for Palm OS. Our development staff has been performing Mobile Applications development for the past 2 decades and have significant expertise performing Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile application development. We stand ready to help clients create custom Mobile Apps for their IT infrastructure.

  • Software Reverse Engineering (SRE)
    • Automated Reverse Engineering Processing System (AREPS) - AREPS is a Software Reverse Engineering tool that provides and extremely efficient approach to SRE. It can find thousands of function and data references rapidly. It allows the customer to focus on code and not low level painstaking SRE tasks. AREPS is offered as a Linux Based Engineering Workstation Application. The Basic Product provides Automated Binary Reverse Engineering for X86 (16, 32, 64 bit), ARM, and MIPS target analysis. The Expanded Product provides Automated Binary Reverse Engineering for an extensive amount of target CPU architectures and Object File Formats.