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Convergent Technologies (CTI)

CTI has been providing Research & Development, Engineering, and Global IT Service & Support to clients since 1997. During the past two decades, we have accumulated core expertise in Cloud Computing, Cyber Security/Analysis/Operations, Software Engineering, Software Reverse Engineering (SRE), High Performance Computing (HPC), MicroElectronics Design/Development, and Digital Signal Processing (DSP), and Software Defined Radio (SDR) technologies.

Our core expertise has also enabled us to provide solutions and support to the Health IT marketplace. Due to our close working relationship with UMBC, we have access to high quality Graduate and Undergraduate resources that can be applied to the Health IT marketplace.

In 2005 CTI was granted approval by University of Maryland (UM) to perform research at our UMBC facility in conjunction with University faculty members and students. As a result we have sponsored research at UMBC with positive contributions in the BioMedical Research/Engineering, NanoTechnology, and BioInformatics areas. This combination of Health IT and BioMedical Research, along with our proximity to the Nation's Capital, provides us a significant value proposition to HHS, CDC, NIH, and NCI Federal Agencies.

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